Building Models

Utilizing one of our companies, Viewpoint Designs, we are able to create and produce clear building models for your case. Visual aids are always important when conveying the information of a case to the other side for negotiations or ultimately when you need to be in front of a jury.

Construction Expert - Building plans
Building plans & model created for Construction Claims Experts by Viewpoint Designs- Texas

As the Residential Construction Expert Witness for this case, We researched satellite imagery, published plans and recreated a rough building model before our inspection. During our inspection of the home, we confirmed our rough building model with onsite measurements and logged over 100 photos.

Essential to this case was the configuration of the HVAC system. So, we mapped the systems return and supply ducts during our site inspection. Our drawings of the property show how the system functions and ultimately how it affects the claims of this case.

Do you need a building model or building plans for your next court case? Show the jury how something happened, damages to the building or for estimating purposes. We can help with the latest in 3D Design software for home & building plans or modeling.