Building Models

Residential Construction Expert - Building Model

Utilizing one of our companies, Viewpoint Designs, we are able to create and produce clear building models for your case. Visual aids are always important when conveying the information of a case to the other side for negotiations or ultimately when you need to be in front of a jury.

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Effective Direct Examination of Expert Witnesses

Texas Construction expert witness

Ideally, the case theory should intertwine with all aspects of the trial. The direct examination may begin with more scientific, complex ideas, but once the expert thoroughly explains and breaks down his opinions, the testimony should ultimately mirror the attorney’s case theory as told in an opening statement or summation.

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Construction Expert Witness: A Litigation Guide


A construction expert has extensive knowledge and expertise of the construction industry. Their testimony helps to inform the trier of fact on issues related to construction law such as building delays, codes and compliance, construction costs, and construction defects.

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