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Our Construction ADR process offers creative solutions to any construction-related dispute while saving our clients’ money and speeding up the settlement process.


Our experienced attorneys, mediators and construction industry experts help both parties navigate the technical challenges of the dispute resolution process to provide longer-lasting outcomes, greater satisfaction, and improved relationships.





Construction Claims Experts

Construction ADR Services

Serving all of Texas - Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Corpus Christi & Beyond




Construction Claims Experts

Construction ADR Services

Serving all of Texas - Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Corpus Christi & Beyond

  • Review & analysis of targeted key documents
  • Deposition support, including guidance for questioning key witnesses
  • Interviews of project personnel
  • Preparation of demonstrative exhibits for use at trial
  • Preparation of presentations for use at mediation

Construction Arbitration

Construction ADR offers efficiency, speed, and results. Our team of arbitrators is composed of highly qualified, diverse, experienced attorneys and construction industry experts. The arbitrators at Construction ADR will act as a neutral for both parties, working to define the process best suited to resolve the dispute.
  • Establishes the issues in dispute and what  might motivate each party to settle
  • making candid observations when appropriate and assisting both sides in assessing risk,                overcoming impasses
  • Ensuring that all parties trust the process and feel  they have been heard and that all reasonable prospects for settlement have been considered
  • Guiding parties toward resolution

Construction Mediation

Our experienced mediators help both parties try to reach a mutually acceptable resolution. Our mediators do not decide the dispute but help both parties communicate so that they can settle the dispute themselves.
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  • Pre-file neutral evaluations
  • Written case evaluations (brief-based)
  • Evaluative summary judgments
  • Second opinions
  • Mock exercises (oral arguments, Markman Hearings, bench and jury trials,                    arbitration, appellate hearings)

Construction Neutral Evaluation

Construction Claims Experts Neutral Analysis refers to a range of non-binding processes in which one or more parties retain a neutral to deliver an evaluation, either in person or via written report, based on the case's merits. Neutral Analysis typically involves a review of factual and legal positions either through briefs, oral arguments, mock exercises or an evaluation of what a likely jury outcome might be. These processes, which can be tailored to address the needs of virtually any type of case and utilized at any stage of litigation or arbitration, include:
  • Project Neutral becomes part of the project team and follows the design and building process        from concept to completion.
  • Advice on ADR methods most suitable for early resolution of particular disputes

  • Early neutral intervention to resolve brewing controversies by prompt dispute evaluation and mediation in an informal, cost-effective manner during the overall design and construction process.

  • Available as needed to mediate disputes as they arise and avoid future litigation by identifying and addressing potential problems before they grow into claims.

Construction Project Neutral

Our projects neutrals would serve on any construction project as a consultant who is an experts in delay, productivity and damages evaluation. Our project neutrals can objectively analyze specific liability issues, costs, schedule impact, and damages and make recommendations to each party. Our project neutrals make recommendations so that the parties can settle their differences without the relationship-destroying results that often come with full-blown litigation.

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