Background of a Construction Expert Witness

Posted by Allen W Griffin GMB, CGR, CAPS, CGP on Nov 5, 2021 3:16:07 PM

    Expert witnesses in construction can advise in a wide range of cases involving construction defects, maintenance and management, and construction testing. Construction professionals can provide reports on construction mediation, scheduling, cost estimates, and standards of care. Additionally, these construction experts can provide expert testimony on construction disputes, forensic construction investigations, general and licensed contractors, and a host of related cases involving sub-specialties of the profession.


    Well Rounded Experience

    Extensive knowledge and expertise in the construction industry.

    Starting with humble beginnings in this industry some thirty years ago, as a laberer, then framer, then crew leader. I found that I had a knack for this. At the ripe old age of 18, I moved up quickly within the company I was working for. I started as the guy that moved the lumber piles to the carpenters. Within 8 months a was leading two crews of framers building townhome complexes.

    That has been my history throughout my Thirty-years in this industry. Soaking up Knowledge and moving on to the next challenge. Hands-on Carpentry, Building materials sales, working for production and custom builders. Then finally starting my own building company, which has expanded into a multi-family maintenance branch and a building design firm.

    Thirty years of working with builders, homeowners and being actively involved in my industry, through the National Association of Home Builders, at the local and state level. Has fulfilled my need for knowledge and to be challenged. My thirst for knowledge includes a library of books and experiences from how to run a business and manage employees to technical books on engineering and design to work on the codes and standards of our industry.

    When I read the articles and books about what it takes to be a great construction expert witness. I realize that all of my experiences over the past thirty years have given me something that can really make a difference, A Well Rounded Experience.

    Allen W Griffin GMB, CGR, CAPS, CGP

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