Our consulting services span the entire claims process from initial claims evaluation through to mediation, arbitration, or litigation.

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Multi-Family Services for Apartments, Town homes & Condominiums

Need help with a Multi-family property, building construction litigation, design-related litigation, catastrophic property damage insurance claims, surety claims, real estate and housing issues, construction accident and injury litigation, and premises accidents and injuries.

We work with clients in every facet of the construction, design, insurance, and surety industries including:

Law Firms & Litigators  |  Corporate In-House Counsel  |  Insurance Companies  |  General Building Contractors  |  Subcontractors  |  Architects & Engineers  |  Construction Managers  |  Building Products & Equipment Manufacturers  |  Construction Materials Manufacturers  |  Construction Products, Materials & Equipment Suppliers  |  Building Owners & Investors  | Home Owners Associations  |Property Developers  |  REITs  |  Business Owners  |  Municipalities & Government Agencies  |  Physically Injured Parties

Our consulting services span the entire claims process from initial claims evaluation through to mediation, arbitration, or litigation, as required. We also provide construction consulting services that focus on risk management and improved internal controls.


Building Defects Investigations & Analysis

We have the knowledge and experience to evaluate and assess your various building concerns for your Town home, Condominium or apartments complex. With detailed analysis and investigation techniques, We are able to identify and examine the building systems in an effort to understand the source of failure and conditions that lead to the failure. Our use of controlled analytical and investigative techniques, that are well documented, will give you a solid assessment for your path forward.

Building defects and structural issues can be caused by subpar workmanship, design defects, faulty products or systems reaching the end of their life cycle. These conditions can result in water intrusion, mold, structural damage, and other serious problems.

We are active builders, not just an expert witness firm. So, we stay at the forefront of the construction industry by keeping up with the latest building science techniques, current building codes and local construction industry standards.

We utilize state of the art technology in our investigations, such as drone photography, infrared thermal photography, environmental conditions monitoring and it is all well documented for you.




Our Building Defects Investigations & Analysis Process

Phase I

  • Initial interview with the client to define preliminary concerns.
  • Initial Site Review, with limited initial sample testing.
  • Preliminary Report.

Phase II

  • Document As-Is Conditions.
  • Review of Original Construction Documentation.
  • Inspect for construction defects that may be causal to the underlying issue.
  • Intrusive testing and deconstruction, if needed.
  • Detailed Photo Documentation.
  • Detailed reporting of cause and effects.
  • Detailed reporting of construction process and responsibilities. 

Phase III

  • Litigation support
  • Reconstruction supervision.

Our Building Defects Investigations & Analysis Services

  • Building Envelope Evaluation.
  • Photo / Video Documentation.
  • Construction Defect and Damage Mapping.
  • Moisture Intrusion Analysis.
  • Thermal Imaging Investigation.
  • Construction Defect Reporting.
  • Remediation Construction Repair Protocol Development.
  • Damage Cost Analysis Reporting.
  • Product and Materials Research and Specification.
  • Building Envelope Document and Plan Review.
  • FEMA, Building Code and Other Regulatory Compliance Review.
  • On-site Construction Quality Assurance.
  • Final Repair Evaluation Reporting.
  • ASTM compliant field water testing of windows and doors.
  • Litigation Support.
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Residential Construction Expert Witness Services for Insurance Claims - Construction Defects - Contract Disputes


Allen is easily understandable, yet highly technical. He has the knowledge and know how to stand up to the claims of other experts. He can explain your side of the case in a precise and easy to comprehend manner that all parties can understand. 

"Twenty years of experience with writing contracts, designing buildings, construction & client management as a Master Builder has taught me many valuable lessons. As the founder and president of Gryphon Builders, I am proud to say that in those twenty years of business we have not had a single lawsuit filed against the company" - Allen W. Griffin

Duty of Care, Construction Defects, Code Compliance, Contract Disputes, Cost Estimations, Repair Protocols, Construction Performance and Standards as well as Damage Causation.

Allen’s construction background includes; the basics of hands-on experience where in the late 80’s he started out as a framer and then worked for small custom builders in the northeast. At that time builders hired a few craftsmen to do all the work when building homes, unlike Houston’s trade-based system. This experience has been invaluable to Allen in directing others as a builder and business owner. When he moved to Houston, he worked briefly as a production builder. Then, as an outside sales person for Bison Building Materials, Allen gained his background knowledge in manufacturing and engineering of building products and their proper usage. The knowledge gained and the industry connections of this experience has greatly bolstered Allen in the operations of his residential construction companies.

Most importantly, Allen is an effective communicator. He has spent twenty plus years selling large construction projects, writing construction contracts, specifications, estimating complicated residential buildings, remodeling projects & maintenance systems. Along with being actively involved in leading his industry through his involvement in the builder association.

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"Twenty years of experience with writing contracts, designing buildings, construction & client management as a Master Builder has taught me many valuable lessons. As the founder and president of Gryphon Builders, I am proud to say that in those twenty years of business we have not had a single lawsuit filed against the company" - Allen W. Griffin


Professional Remodeler Magazine, Qualified Remodeler Magazine , Houston Builder Magazine, Houston Business Journal, Custom Builder Guide, Texas Builder, Houston Remodeling Guide, Facets Magazine, Houston Chronicle, Houston Design Resource, Texas Home and Garden show Educator, SunBelt Builders Show Educator.

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Cindy Aplanalp - Yates Chairma Design Group


Allen Griffin is an incredibly talented builder who pays amazing attention to detail and precision.
I've worked with Allen on several projects and have always been impressed with his construction knowledge, the skill of his subcontractors, and the way he runs and personally supervises his job sites.
Remodeling is vastly different from new construction- you're working in peoples home and it’s very invasive. The care Allen takes to keep his job sites tidy, the timeline honest and the expectations well set make working with him a joy. He is also very forthright, honest and relates well to owners.
Many times- as a designer- I come up with an idea that’s never been done before- some contactors shy away from that because it’s not easy or it’s not how they like to work. Allen is always up for the challenge. – He is an ‘out of the box’ builder whose skill-set and construction knowledge is priceless in making my design ideas and ‘possibilities’ come to life. I could not do it without him and consider him a partner in the design-build process. It’s thrilling co-creating something that is EXACTLY right for the client, the space, and the intended use. Allen’s easy going nature, optimism and excellent construction skills make him fun to work with! I would highly recommend Allen for any residential or light commercial project.


I have known Allen Griffin for over 20 years and can vouch for his high integrity, honesty and high level of expertise in residential construction. He is a worthy competitor of mine. I have the utmost respect for him.
If you are looking for a thoroughly experienced design-build contractor, call Allen. He does amazing 3-D plans for his projects.
I have watched Allen's involvement in his church, his dedication to his community, and business, and recommend him for your project without hesitation.

FIVE STAR RATING - HOUZZ-aeglaze  Allen is one of the most professional and pleasant design/build firms we have worked with. After a failed contract with a previous builder (who was exclusively a builder), we were very apprehensive in selecting a new builder to work with, of which, we contacted over a dozen to discuss our project. 

After trying to decide whether to go the design/build route or work with an independent builder, my very first call with Allen helped us decide which direction to go in. Not only, was he happy to explain things to us, he was extremely patient and offered honest insight into different aspects of our project. His transparency from the 20 mins when I spoke with him over the phone, is the the reason I urged my husband to set an appointment with Allen.

In the end, not only is Allen one of the most creative architects who happily rendered many versions of our unique project, we felt confident in his ability to build after visiting a contemporary home he had built over a decade ago. Still solid, nicely done and great workmanship. As we are still in the process of completing our home, our experience with Gryphon Builders thus far has been excellent. I personally cannot wait to see our home complete and look forward to finished product!


Allen Griffin of Gryphon Builders deserves at least a 7-star rating, but Houzz limits reviewers to 5 stars. "Excellent" doesn't do Allen Griffin's outstanding professionalism and craftsmanship justice. Although we "papered up" the transaction for our large house remodeling and renovation project in 2015, Allen went above and beyond any written words to make all aspects of the project--foreseen and unforeseen--run as smoothly as possible. Communication is so important to the success of any large-scale home remodeling project, and Allen is excellent at that, too. Allen is a man of his word, honest, knowledgeable, skillful, helpful and patient. He is hands-on and his trades network is also excellent. Just one example: Gryphon Builders' chiseled stone tile work on our columned front porch was a beautiful work of art showing old-world pride in craftsmanship. We had designed the house in the late '80's to be our family's "legacy home" and had raised our family there for more than 26 years. We were renovating so much of it in preparation for selling it to friends of our family--so we needed everything to be right. When Gryphon Builders was finished, our house had never looked better (making it even harder for us to let go)! The inside looked new again and the outside was beautiful (including the gorgeous travertine tile work and a fully renovated pool and spa area that was amazing). We couldn't have been more impressed or happier with Allen Griffin's work. Better still, somewhere through the naturally stressful remodeling process, Allen became a good family friend. Even after we moved to another city more than 170 miles away, we asked Allen for his expert guidance on a substantial renovation we had planned for our new home. Allen, without charge, took the time to drive out to our new house (neither a short nor easy drive), inspected everything--even climbed onto our third-story roof--and pointed us in the right direction. Amazing! We wish that Allen would be able to work on our new house, but we live too far away now. Everything we have to say about Allen Griffin and Gryphon Builders is well above excellent. He also has the projects portfolio, professional credentials, honors and awards to prove it.


Gryphon Builders is a First Class company.
I was in need of a master bathroom remodel to accommodate my disabled husband and Allen came up with very creative ideas to address the challenges faced. The end result was a very functional place for my husband plus a beautiful retreat for me. He also turned the ugly, boring patio into a beautiful covered oasis for outdoor entertaining. When I wanted to update the other 3 bathrooms in the house, it was a no-brainer to call Allen. I had some definite ideas on what I wanted and he was able to bring them life. They are stunning! Thanks Allen.

Allen is always easy to work with and so are his crew. Very respectful and thoughtful about the fact they were working in someone's home. There is no doubt that I will use him for my next project.


Exceptional work. I have no idea where the 3 star reviews have come from but my guess is competition. Needless to say we have a custom built, modern home and every detail is polished and incredible workmanship. Allen is honest, hard-working and extremely creative. His work is unmatched and we continue to work with him 2 years after our home has been built. He hands down was the only builder that shot things straight to us in the beginning rather than promising things he couldn’t do. Further because he’s an architect by heart, he custom built our cabinets in the entire house— floating cabinets in the master with ordinate and chic laminate. He custom built-in our thermador shelves, bar, cabinets etc. our waterfall island is incredible too. I could go on and on but if you’re in question, call or email him and ask him to show you the “modern home with downtown views” and he will know exactly which house you’re speaking of.

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