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Forensic Investigations Services

Serving all of Texas - Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Corpus Christi & Beyond

Construction Claims Experts

Forensic Investigations

Serving all of Texas - Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Corpus Christi & Beyond


For cases in which the known problem is not patently obvious, finding the contributors to a building failure or environmental complaints can require more in-depth, invasive inspection and testing.


Construction Claims Experts can help simplify the process of understanding these problems with our specialty partners. Our specialty partner experts diligently quantify, evaluate, and present damages associated with construction claims & unknown building failures.  Working methodically through each issue, Construction Claims  Experts can identify liability, validate claims, quantify damages, and assist with resolving disputes.




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  • Single-family & Multifamily Structures
  • Building Envelope & Indoor Air Quality Investigations
  • Thermal Scans & Photography
  • Mold Testing & Industrial Hygiene Services
  • Product Testing - Forensic Laboratory Service
  • Foundation and Structure X-Ray Services
  • Geotechnical and Materials Engineering laboratory Testing

  • TCEQ, P.E, RESNET, LEED, BPI, ICC, & DOE Accredited Professional Available

Advanced Inspections Methods

We examine structures, materials, systems, designs, installation, sequencing and practices to uncover the cause of a construction defect and determine responsibility. Our experts investigate problems and advise our clients of the cause, solution and estimated costs associated with the corrective actions.

  • Indoor Air Quality” (IAQ)
  • Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) 
  • Mold Testing Services
  • Asbestos Testing Services
  • Water Testing Services
  • OSHA Compliance Chemical Testing Services
  • Construction Defect Evaluation
  • Expert Witness Testimoney

Building Environment Testing for Toxins

Many health complaints can be attributed to IEQ or IAQ problems. Symptoms such as headaches, severe fatigue, sinusitis, rhinitis, and asthma often appear while an employee is at work but dissipate when the employee leaves the building. This is known as “sick building syndrome” or “building-related illness.” Those suffering from sick building syndrome suspect but haven’t confirmed a specific cause for their symptoms. In building-related illnesses, a diagnosis is attributed directly to airborne building contaminants.

  • Advanced Inspection & Testing Methods
  • Chemical Verification & Contamination Analysis
  • Adhesive Identification
  • Deconstruction Investigations & Physical Testing.
  • Metallurgy & Weld Testing.
  • Building Envelope Water Penetration Testing

  • Air Leakage Testing

  • Geotechnical and Materials Engineering Laboratory Testing

Product Failure Testing

Failures on-site, either during the construction phase or during its design life, of materials, structures or structural elements, can have catastrophic and costly effects. A common cause of failure is non-adherence to the specified materials where similar but cheaper alternative products are used during construction.  In this case, we will sample materials and benchmark them against the specified materials, using chemical analysis carried out by our foerensic laboratory consultants.

  • Single-family & Multifamily Structures.
  • Deconstruction Analysis & Documentation
  • Design & Engineering Review.
  • Code Compliance Review.
  • Manufactures Products & Installation Analysis.
  • Standard of Care Analysis.
  • Damage Evaluations.
  • Expert Witness Testimony

Building Failure Analysis 

As expert witnesses in building envelope litigation, we do not speculate on the cause of incidents. We provide science-backed evidence based on proven methods accepted by global standards organizations. Our dedication to the core principles of forensic engineering gives our clients a credible, persuasive ally in the courtroom.

  • Design Review of Building Envelope Construction Methods.
  • Infrared Thermography Review.
  • Water Leakage Testing, AAMA 501
  • Combined Air & Water Testing, AAMA 503.3
  • Blower Door Testing, ASTM E779
  • Comprehensive Reports of Findings.
  • Construction Defect Evaluations.
  • Expert Witness Testimony.

Building Envelope - Air Leakage & Water Penetration Testing

Construction claims are complex and often require subtle distinctions of engineering and construction practices. Building envelope testing is the process of testing the physical separator between the interior and exterior of a building to determine if there are any air, water, or thermal leaks within the structure. The building envelope consists of all parts of the outer exterior that keep the building environment dry, heated, or cooled for climate control.

  • Geotechnical -Soils and Aggregates –  gradation, plasticity, and     compaction characteristics of natural and stabilized soils and rock.

  • Concrete and Masonry – Mix Design Review
  • Mechanical Testing & Analysis.

  • Accredited Testing Labs.

  • Expert Witness Testimony.

Geotechnical & Materials Engineering Laboratory Testing

Testing of soils, concrete, asphalt, bituminous materials, steel, and various non-destructive tests.  Based upon the project scope and site conditions, will use the most appropriate equipment and available resources to perform the necessary tasks for the project.   All laboratory testing is performed under the direction of the lab manager and in accordance with each project’s requirements.



Integrity, Dedication, Commitment & Hands-On Construction Experience

Expert for Plaintiff & Defense - Unbiased Opinion & Testimony 


We are retained almost equally for both plaintiff and defense. We provide every attorney with the difference that a true expert professional can make.


  When a site inspection is required, we personally conduct the inspection for each case that requires our services with an independent and unbiased eye.


  When forensic analysis of components is required, We have solid and long-term relationships with many labs and engineering firms that will provide indisputable results that will make your case.


  Reports are uniquely developed and handcrafted on an individual basis, not derived from some "boilerplate" or "off the shelf" reference materials.


  Collect comprehensive site conditions with our 3D Matterport Building Models.


 GMB -Graduate Master Builder, CGR- Certified Graduate Remodeler, CGP - Certified Green Professional.


These are the values that are of the highest importance to us as your Construction Expert. Providing unparalleled service and offering an immediate response to all of our clients makes us different in the expert industry. 




Construction Industry Leader



Allen's commitment to raising the bar in his industry led to him receiving the 2007 National Certified Graduate Remodeler of the year award early in his career and drove him to complete the first Certified Green Renovation in the Nation


 He is passionate about positively impacting the industry and helping other builders be their best by serving locally on the GHBA's Board of Directors, Education Committee, Membership CommitteeCustom Builder Council & Remodelers Council.


 At the State Level,  Allen serves on the Texas Association of Builders Board, leading the Remodelers Council and serves on the Contracts council, membership committee and has a new-found passion to help lead the way for vocational training for the future trade and builder careers of our youth.


 Professional Remodeler Magazine, Qualified Remodeler Magazine, Houston Builder Magazine, Houston Business Journal, Custom Builder Guide, Texas Builder, Houston Remodeling Guide, Facets Magazine, Houston Chronicle, Houston Design Resource, Texas Home and Garden show Educator, SunBelt Builders Show Educator & GHBA Educator.


Allen's construction background includes; the basics of hands-on experience where in the late 80’s he started out as a framer and then worked for small custom builders.  This experience has been invaluable to Allen in directing others as a builder and business owner.



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