8-Free Home Assessments – Watson Grinding explosion

Houston is a great community. When events like this happen, it always amazes me how many people step up to help. I would like to be one of those to help my neighbors, only 3 miles away, to properly document the damages to their homes.

In a situation like this, properly documenting and communicating what has happened to your home will be key to moving the process forward faster. With all that you have going on now, we would like to help.

Our preliminary damage assessment would be the same as we would do to prepare for an expert witness assignment. To visit the property, measure and photograph the building to produce rough building plans. Then to take photos, notes & measurements to properly document the damages to the home. Our preliminary report will help our neighbors with the communication of the damages to their home with insurance companies, engineers and attorneys.

Contact us to set up your free, $3,500.00 preliminary damage assessment. Limited to the first 8 homeowners to set up appointments. Valid 1/25/2020 – 2/25/2020