Why Choose Allen Griffin as Your Construction Expert Witness?

Building Homes & Building Strong Cases

GHBA Installation Ceremony 2021 - Houston

2021 Greater Houston Builder's Board of Directors, Installed at “Inspiring the Future” Red Tie Event

Allen W Griffin GMB, CGR, CAPS, CGP
Board of Directors - Greater Houston Builders' Association
Life Director - Texas Association of Builders

Allen W Griffin - Greater Houston Builders Association

Allen's involvement and service to the industry throughout his 30-year career as a custom home builder has made him a well-respected builder by his peers.

In 2021 Allen was invited to become a GHBA Board member because of his dedication, reputation, and extensive knowledge of the residential construction industry. Also, in 2021, Allen was recognized as a Life Director at TAB after his twelve years of service on the board of directors.

Allen’s involvement in the residential construction community includes numerous positions with the Greater Houston Builders Association (GHBA) and The Texas Association of Builders (TAB).

TAB - Life Director -  Contracts Committee and the Codes and Standards Committee member.

GHBA - Board of Directors - Remodelers Council Chairman - Custom Builder Council Chairman - Education Committee Chairman

Allen W Griffin GMB, CGR, CAPS, CGP

Over 30 Years of Hands-On Experience in the Construction Industry

Allen Griffin GMB, CGR, CAPS, CGP is the founder and President of Griffin Interests, which owns and operates Gryphon Builders and Viewpoint Designs. Allen's extensive experience in high-end custom home building, remodeling, and residential architecture has made him an expert in building science. All of Allen's expert services and opinions are based upon his years of "Hands On" experience in the residential construction industry and the recognized standards he builds to.

Throughout his career as a high-end custom home builder, remodeler, and designer, Allen has accumulated a number of credentials and certifications along the way. He is a Graduate Master Builder, Certified Graduate Remodeler, and Certified-Aging-In-Place specialist.

Allen W Griffin - Construction & Builder Certifications

The first two questions that attorneys often ask are:

"On what percentage of cases do you work for the Plaintiff?"

"On what percentage of cases do you work for the Defense?"

2022 Expert Witness cases: 60% Plaintiff -  40% Defense

Allen is retained almost equally for both plaintiff and defense, and every attorney that has worked with Allen and his staff has seen the difference that a true professional construction expert can make.

As a professional and skilled expert witness, Allen will develop an unbiased opinion about any case based on the facts found during inspections and the information provided. It is possible that a good expert witness can be valuable to both sides of the case.

Both the plaintiff and the defense can seriously consider the services provided by one expert to achieve a resolution to the case.