Why You Need a Specialized Construction Attorney for Your Texas Construction Dispute

When facing a construction dispute in Texas, choosing the right attorney is paramount.

Opting for a construction attorney who specializes in Texas Construction Law is crucial for receiving comprehensive legal representation. These attorneys possess extensive expertise in all aspects of construction law, ranging from contracts and labor agreements to dispute resolution and Texas Residential Construction Liability Act (RCLA) claims. By engaging a specialized Texas construction attorney, both construction professionals, and homeowners gain invaluable guidance, ensuring a clear understanding of their rights and responsibilities while securing fair representation in court or negotiations.

The Advantages of Hiring a Construction Lawyer that Specializes in Texas Construction Law:

Selecting a construction attorney offers significant benefits compared to working with a general attorney lacking industry-specific experience. These advantages stem from their insider knowledge and years of experience in the construction field. Construction lawyers possess a deep understanding of the construction process, the RCLA claims process, the various stakeholders involved, and the intricate dynamics at play. By leveraging their expertise, clients can save time on research, enhance their chances of achieving a favorable outcome, and navigate the complexities of construction disputes with confidence.

1. Industry-Specific Insight:

Construction attorneys possess in-depth knowledge of the Texas Property Code, Chapter 27, construction regulations, standards, and common challenges when navigating the RCLA process. This expertise allows them to provide tailored legal advice aligned with the unique requirements of our construction dispute.

2. Effective Dispute Resolution:

With their honed negotiation and advocacy skills, construction lawyers excel at resolving disputes through methods such as negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation. They safeguard their clients' interests while seeking the most favorable resolution possible.

3. Risk Mitigation:

Engaging a construction attorney from the outset enables clients to identify potential risks, draft sound contracts, and implement effective risk management strategies. By proactively addressing legal issues, construction professionals and homeowners can minimize disputes and protect their investments.

4. Professional Network:

Experienced construction attorneys possess a robust network of industry professionals, including expert witnesses, contractors, and consultants. This network can be invaluable in supporting your case with specialized resources when needed.

A List of the Top Construction Law Firms Serving Texas

To assist you in your search for a reliable Texas construction law firm, we have curated a list of reputable options that serve the State of Texas. These firms bring extensive experience and specialized knowledge to construction disputes, ensuring that clients receive exceptional legal representation.

Lovein Ribman

The Lovein Ribman Firm is a full-service litigation firm in the DFW Area but serves the entire state of Texas. The Texas Board of Legal Specialization has certified approximately 135 Texas attorneys as Board Certified in Construction Law. Two of those Board Certified lawyers oversee Lovein Ribman’s construction law department. They represent homeowners across the entire state of Texas with resolving disputes with their builders/contractors for design defects, construction defects, delay claims, breach of warranty, abandonment, non-payment of subcontractors, and release of invalid/fraudulent mechanic’s liens.

As Board Certified Construction attorneys, they have first-hand experience with every type of residential construction dispute imaginable. We understand the problems homeowners encounter with new home and remodel construction projects and know how to resolve them efficiently and effectively.

Dow Golub Remels & Gilbreath

Dow Golub Remels & Gilbreath is located in Houston, Tx, but serves the entire state of Texas. Dow Golub Remels & Gilbreath, PLLC represents builders, subcontractors and suppliers, general contractors, designers and owners. The firm’s services in the field of construction law cover a wide spectrum from negotiating a standard form contract to the resolution of complex construction disputes, including:
Documentation: The Firm helps its clients with contract negotiations and documentation, bid submissions, business and tax planning, mechanic’s and material men’s liens, bonding and surety issues, labor matters, and collections.

Litigation: Their litigators have experience in construction litigation and alternative dispute resolutions, having litigated construction matters involving contract and quantum merger disputes, subcontractor and landlord disputes, mechanic’s lien issues, public work disputes, collections, and claims based on delay and disruption. The Firm has handled construction disputes in the Texas Courts of Appeals.

West Webb Allbritton & Gentry

West Webb Allbritton & Gentry has been servicing businesses and families in Texas for over 35 years to help them achieve their legal goals. They currently have 6 offices throughout Texas and a team of 26 attorneys.

These attorneys have extensive experience in providing construction contract review and analysis. We also have experience in various construction litigation areas, representing owners and contractors regarding defect claims, disruption claims, contract disputes, and insurance coverage issues in both state and federal court.

Padfield & Stout

Attorneys at Padfield & Stout, LLP, have a core group of attorneys with extensive hands-on experience in construction law, whether it involves builders, subcontractors, developers, general contractors, or other entities. The firm understands it takes a lawyer with industry-specific knowledge to analyze a construction law case efficiently.

The firm is particularly positioned to provide legal representation throughout the State of Texas — as it has offices or is affiliated with local counsel in every major metropolitan city in Texas and in each of the twenty-three cities.

Andrews Myers

Andrews-Myers serves builders and developers, subcontractors and suppliers, design professionals, owners/buyers, and other parties in all aspects of construction law and construction litigation. In addition to issues directly related to construction, our full-service firm can protect client interests during the formation of construction companies, real estate acquisition and development, and construction financing.

This Texas firm is recognized as a leader in construction contracts, transactions, alternative dispute resolution, and litigation. Construction law attorneys in Houston and Austin with 20-plus years of experience provide clients with the edge to negotiate from a position of strength without bringing projects or deals to a grinding halt.

Cowles Thompson

Cowles Thompson’s vast experience in construction matters, combined with our capabilities in related areas of real estate, corporate, finance, bankruptcy, labor and employment, and insurance coverage, enables this firm to help solve virtually any issue that may arise in a construction project. From real estate acquisition and project financing to drafting contract documents and project administration to claim preparation, trial, and dispute resolution, these attorneys offer advice to help clients reach their goals and objectives.

Cowles Thompson works with owners, developers, architects, engineers, design professionals, builders, construction and project managers, contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers to resolve complicated issues involving a residential home, shopping center, or skyscraper.

Allen Killgore White

Allen Killgore & White, PC is a full-service law firm offering expert commercial and construction legal representation to various clients. Their experienced attorneys are committed to always providing the best client service, focusing on unique, tailored strategies and solutions for your specific legal matter.

Whether you are a construction professional or have a business with another specialty, this firm’s attorneys can help you resolve your current contract dispute and help you determine how to protect your business from future disputes.

Tribble | Ross

Tribble Ross represents architects, engineers, owners, developers, general contractors, designers, project managers, sub-contractors, and material and equipment suppliers. The Firm’s founding partner, with an engineering and construction background, offers a unique understanding of construction litigation, from hands-on field engineer to skilled litigator.

The Firm provides litigation services in all areas of construction law, including construction defect claims, performance and warranty disputes, defaults and termination, job site injuries, OSHA compliance issues, defective workmanship and design claims, risk management, independent contractor liability, health and safety issues, and insurance coverage. The Firm handles all aspects of construction litigation in the commercial, residential, and industrial areas.

The Cromeens Law Firm

The Cromeens Law Firm’s team of attorneys has extensive experience in multi-party construction disputes and can provide exceptional legal counseling in all aspects of construction law. They are experts in Construction and Real Estate Law, Business Law and Mechanics and Materialmen’s Liens and Collections. They partner with businesses and curate creative solutions to protect them from the end. They serve the entire state of Texas and have 3 offices throughout Texas.

Sumner Schick

Sumner Schick law attorneys represent clients across the State of Texas with focus, integrity, and the highest level of professional skill. They understand the complexity of construction law and are expert advocates to have on your side.

Sumner Schick LLP’s construction law attorneys represent owners, developers, lenders, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, sureties, and design professionals in a variety of construction law matters including construction contracts, construction litigation, mediation, arbitration, liens & bonds claims, insurance defense, joint ventures in construction and OSHA investigations.


The construction business is at its core based on contractual relationships between a wide array of parties: owners, developers, construction managers, architects, engineers, contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, labor and labor providers, unions, equipment rental companies, insurance companies, and others. Each of these parties has a particular role, and while there is much overlap, legal counsel with experience representing each particular point of view can provide the most effective representation.

When confronted with a construction dispute or Texas RCLA Claim, it is crucial to select an attorney specializing in Texas Construction Law. These specialized professionals possess insider knowledge, extensive experience, and a deep understanding of the construction industry. By partnering with a construction attorney, clients gain a competitive advantage, save time on research, and increase their chances of achieving a favorable outcome. When searching for a construction law firm, consider the list we have provided as a starting point for finding a reputable and skilled attorney to handle your construction dispute effectively.

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